Welcome to my server!

Here are some stuff I'm working on. I have made a lot more, but they are not published.

Parasprite Radio
This is under development. Feel free to tune in, join the chat and say hi!
Equestrian Beats web app
This is my project for the javascript course. Read more here:
Minecraft Items Animation
I was playing around with Three.js and some Minecraft sprites, making them move in 3D-space. I got some response from Mr.doob (creator of Three.js) and got motivation to add Steve running from a Creeper, more cameras and a skybox (Minecraft's main menu background).
Thank you Reddit for posting it and Notch (creator of Minecraft) for tweeting about it, causing a massive pressure on my 0.8 Mbit/s upspeed (I have 10 Mbit/s now)! The page had over 40000 views that weekend.
Also, thank you GameChap and Bertie for creating a video of it!
Ubuntu Countdown
A countdown showing the amount of days until next Ubuntu version. Made with HTML5 Canvas and CSS3 transforms (for supported browsers).
Jazz Creation Station - WebJCS
My attempt in porting and improving the old classic game Jazz Jackrabbit 2's official level editor to the web, using the latest HTML5 APIs.
Audio Analyzer
Using the Web Audio API, you can with this analyze your music/sound files. It uses HTML5 Canvas for visualising the realtime spectrum and waveform of the audio. You can choose your own audio files thanks to File Reader API.
Epsile - The HTML5 Omegle clone
Talk to strangers! Requires a browser with WebSocket support. Works best in Google Chrome!
Epsile works just like Omegle, it connects you to another stranger. You don't know who the other stranger is and the chats are one-to-one.
This only works when there are many people using it, as you don't have to wait that long until someone finish a conversation. When you are waiting for a stranger, it waits and picks the first to disconnect from someone else.
A simple chatroom powered by Node.js and
Minecraft Skin Preview
Preview your current Minecraft skin on your Minecraft profile page.
Minecraft Skin Viewer
Here you can preview any Minecraft skin, just load it in.
Linkify: Get info about Spotify links.
This is a simple Chrome extension that scan pages for Spotify URI/HTTP links.
When it find any, it puts a little icon in front of the link and when you move your mouse over the link, you will see information about whatever the link is pointing to.
For example if you hover a link to an album, you will see an image and information about that album.
If the link is an HTTP link, the extension changes it to an Spotify URI, so you don't have to see the site.
Simple Serverlist
A new beta version of my famous SGIP. It does not have all functionality as the old one, but with cleaner code.
Jazz Jackrabbit 2
My attempt in porting the old classic game Jazz Jackrabbit 2 to the web using the latest HTML5 APIs.