Hello, I'm djazz, which is what you get when you combine my initials with Jazz Jackrabbit.

Since the age of eleven, I have been self-studying JavaScript, the programming language of the web. Back then, I bought a book about JS cheap on a sale, because I had seen weird links in the statusbar starting with "javascript:" that caught my interest. I had no previous programming knowledge, except making programs for the LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System. It was a graphical language where different blocks did different things (such as move forward, read a sensor, play a sound).

Anyhow, I found JavaScript very interesting and it became my greatest interest. Later on, I learned HTML (from another book). I already knew some HTML from reading and modifying the code examples in the JS-book.
After that, CSS was a natural step. In my JS book there was some CSS code related to DHTML, such as moving stuff, hiding elements and so on, but I felt I wanted to properly learn CSS aswell.

A few years later I started to get interested in PHP and it's capabilities. By this time I only had a local webserver, WAMP, installed. On my birthday, i think 14th, I got an old Dell computer with SuSE Enterprise 10 installed.
I was already familiar with Linux, as I had a computer with Ubuntu 7.04 installed dual-booting, so setting up a webserver in SuSE wasn't all that hard. There was no precompiled packages, so I had to build everything from source, and manually link Apache, PHP and MySQL together.
Today, that server is now running Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop with the LAMP-stack, and that's the same machine that you're on right now. I'm not all good with a console-based server version, hence the desktop version of Ubuntu.
Since then, my programming- and computer knowledge has evolved to what it is today, and I keep learning things!